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When Customers Buy Differently

Digital B2B Distribution for Leaders

How can B2B companies benefit from the digitization of sales?

“Digitization and networking are not a cold - they won’t just go away,” said the late Internet pioneer Ossi Urch. Many German managers and corporate leaders have understood this concept.

A majority of them are aware that digitization is one of the most important leadership tasks of the present day. But how has the digitalization of business customer sales changed? What is meant by a “pull,” as opposed to a “push” strategy? How can sales and marketing be networked more closely to increase sales and profits?
NetPress, a leading digital agency based in Munich, wants to help executives to make the right strategic decisions for digital transformation, to reorganize their organizational procedures, and to provide the necessary technological competence in their field. Building the Workforce.
Our whitepaper provides food for thought on how to use the opportunities of sales digitization profitably for your company.
We hope you enjoy reading!

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Our white paper, “When  Customers buy Differently”, gives you key:

  • Pull Instead Of Push: How To Address Customers Correctly
  • Along the Buyer‘s Journey: Marketing and Sales Must Work More Closely
  • Sales Automation: Digitization Saves Time

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