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The NetPress Team

The NetPress Core Team

The entire NetPress team lives Inbound Marketing day after day. We simply enjoy making our customers fit for the digital challenges with innovative and individually tailored Marketing 4.0 solutions - transparent, agile, efficient and always at the cutting edge of marketing technology opportunities.


Achim B.C. Karpf

With foresight and knowledge of human nature, the NetPress founder cleverly harmonises customer needs and technical possibilities. In the process, the full-blooded marketeer repeatedly develops solutions that amaze others. With his Tesla, he is setting an example for the electromobile future.


Maik Langenberg

Someone has to keep an eye on the finances and controlling: As an experienced entrepreneur, business coach and founder of several successful start-ups such as Tennis-Point, Maik provides the NetPress management team with advice and support - even if he has to travel a long way to do so.

Birgit Grom

Birgit Grom

As assistant of the management, the mother of two is not only responsible for controlling and project accounting, but also for a good atmosphere in the office. By the way, the good soul of the company makes the best cake in the office - even if, in the opinion of her colleagues, far too seldom.

Petra Schiller

Petra Schiller

Our accountant can look back on many years of experience in finance, sales, marketing and consulting. Originally trained as a hotel manager, she has worked in London, Paris, Dubai and Bangkok, among other places, and enjoys skiing and painting in her spare time.


Joseph R. Ambs

Joe is head of content management and prefers to write good texts instead of going on holiday, because travelling is a horror to him. The incorrigible perfectionist and workaholic, from whom no spelling mistake is safe, also holds the office record for Oktoberfest visits.

Marcel Salomon_500x500

Marcel Salomon

As a graduate engineer in cartography and geomedia technology, Marcel was later drawn to online marketing. With over five years of HubSpot experience, he is our expert for implementations and integrations. Specialising in marketing automation, he supports our customers.

Oliver Ridder

Oliver Ridder

Oli is the man for SEO, SEA and conversion optimisation at the NetPress team. The fan of the glorious SC Preußen Münster with a Master's degree in Business Management is stationed at our Berlin office and thinks he's a table tennis pro - but it's actually someone different.


Sascha Geilenkirchen

With his experience in SEA, SEO, CRO and lead generation, Sascha supports us as a project manager - and also uses his all-round understanding of classic and traditional marketing topics. If we didn't have the marketeer on board, he would probably be a rap star all over the world.

Helen Pantel

Helen Pantel

After studying tourism management and several years in the start-up environment as a CRM manager and marketing automation specialist, Helen joined us as a project manager and HubSpot consultant. Helen loves travelling - from backpacking to extended hiking trips.

Chriso Headshot 500

Christoph Klepke

As a Project Manager & Consultant, Christopher advises our clients on how to achieve their goals with HubSpot. With his eye for good UX design, he never ignores the end user. In private, Chriso loves the thrill of bouldering and likes to hang on the climbing wall without a harness.

Julius Exner

Julius Exner

Our junior is gaining experience in the NetPress team as a dual student of business informatics and sees his future in the technical field. At the weekends, he is a DJ in various clubs. Julius successfully organised his first hip-hop and electro festival at the age of 18.


Dirk-Jan Bösinger

Dirk-Jan is our man for the management of the Business Intelligence Unit. He gives our new products & solutions the kick start and necessary drive in market development! As a passionate hobby cook, he always surprises his colleagues with particularly tasty recipes to try out.

Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider

Besides skiing, ski touring and mountain hiking, Florian supports us as Senior Performance Manager in our client projects. Although he can never sit still, he also manages to create something great out of everthing, to change things and then to really enjoy the result.


Britta Hofmann

Britta is all about search engine advertising. She already has many years of experience in online marketing, where she specialises in paid search. When she isn't in her search engine world, she loves cooking, spending time in the mountains or travelling.

Sebastian Wieser_klein

Sebastian Wieser

As an enthusiastic sportsman (boxing, fitness, skiing & hiking), Sebastian not only sets high goals for himself privately, but also wants to actively offer added value to every customer as a Paid Media Lead. He wants to create great things and build a strong & growing relationship.


Silvy Simeonowa

With her experience in digital marketing, especially social media, Silvy helps us improve the performance of our client projects. Research is her passion, so she explores new ways to achieve outstanding results and an out-of-the-box mindset.

Our external Expert Team

They are not permanent employees, but very close to our work: our external experts make us agile, intelligent and, above all, very flexible and powerful. By using them, we can also set up and realise large projects in a very short time. And they are also an indispensable part of our team, because we have been working intensively with most of them for many years.


Monika Wisser

As a long-standing professional in strategic marketing and project management, Monika plays the marketing keyboard with ten fingers. While the owner of the DREIFACH agency "likes" to commute between Cologne and Munich, she always keeps an overview even under the greatest pressure.


Thorsten Heissel

When it comes to web development, Thorsten and his team at Konzepthaus Web Solutions are NetPress' first choice. Whether it's calculators, event management or service integrations around HubSpot - Thorsten always has an idea and is guaranteed to find an ingenious solution.


Christopher Breitbach

Our customers are always the focus for the experienced senior project manager & consultant. For him, juggling resources on time and on budget is part of his day-to-day work. If Christopher is not available, you can find the passionate diver on the oceans of the world.

Tom-Gufler-Projektmanager Digital Marketing Automation

Tom Gufler

As a graduate in business informatics, Tom loves to digitalise companies and, as a project manager for marketing automation, always proactively keeps an eye on customer goals. With his private passion for photography, he runs the largest online photography school for parents - fully automated, of course.


Manuela Martin

With over 20 years of experience in digitalisation, Manuela loves to "uncomplicate" things and make them understandable for everyone, which is optimal for her role as Senior Consultant for Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence. She finds her personal balance in nature by hiking and golfing.

Foto Profil Lukas Lamberty-klein

Lukas Lamberty

After his studies, Lukas started out in online marketing and project management, and at NetPress he focuses on our webinars. He is also enthusiastic about moving images in his private life and owns a considerable film collection. He often looks for the "ultimate director's cut" - or re-cuts the films himself.

Frank Habich

Frank Habich

Frank is our salesman for the first customer contact, always with a sharp eye on prospects and leads. He has proven himself to be a vole with good sales genes - when he's not swimming in the lake every day (yes, even in winter) or shaking the walls with Zumba.


Angela Wilde

Angela has been working with channel partners in the IT environment since 1999. Personal and authentic communication is very important to her. As a Senior Strategy Consultant, her goal is to turn our Partner Pulse customers into fans and to make a difference together.

Gabriela Karpf

Gabriela Karpf

Nothing works at NetPress without her! Because as an experienced tax expert, Gabi holds all the strings together when it comes to payments, invoices and balance sheets. When she's not juggling numbers, she's on horseback or looking after the not inconsiderable local zoo.

Cinderella Karpf

Cinderella Karpf

Cindy supports the team as a junior in the background and works in the areas of accounting, finance and operations. She actively supports the management in various areas, books trips and organises events. But luckily there is still time for riding.

Ivan Belchev_500x500

Ivan Belchev

Ivan completed his training as a designer-engineer at Rose University and later as a graphic designer in Mannheim. The self-employed founder of the online magazine "Success Stories Mag" since 2014 realises web projects and regularly supports our team with complex programming.

Heiko Müller-1

Heiko Müller

When it comes to video, Heiko is our man. Whether as cameraman or editor, director or scriptwriter - he always puts everything in the right light. He turns pictures and moving images into an experience. And his hair, which is almost impossible to tame, underlines his creative aspirations.


Andreas Keiner

Andreas skilfully transforms content into a visual eye-catcher. In his "eye-catcher" layouts, our master in the field of humour of the trademark "extra dry" places just as much importance on clarity and user-friendliness as on a visually appealing and modern, fresh design.


Gaby Zimmermann

The project manager, PR officer for construction projects and graphic designer always demonstrates a strong urge for beauty. The owner of the DREIFACH agency implements state-of-the-art design concepts and always presents our high-quality content in a visually appealing way.


Christine Kaul

Christine's focus is on typography, clear form language and creative ideas, which she implements professionally, quickly and precisely. With a lot of joy ("To be happy, I have to be allowed to be creative") and commitment, she supports our team in the area of digital and print media.


Reinhard Mayr

When the internal technology fails again, Reinhard is called in. Whether it's cabling, updates or network problems - the IT expert permanently ensures that the shop runs without failures. To do this, Reini also has to give his RC model building and home automation a rest.


Carsten Peters

When the HubSpot or WordPress template doesn't do what it's supposed to, Carsten comes into play as our mobile task force. He fixes everything in a hurry and yet with a lot of composure and implements (almost) all of our customers' wishes quickly and without complications.


Katja Ollech

As an editor, specialist author and enthusiastic blogger, writing high-quality texts is Katja's great passion - both professionally and privately. So much so that she sometimes can't sleep at night because she needs to get a quick draft down on paper.

Elisabeth Zenner

Elisabeth Zenner

The passion for foreign languages of our translator Elisabeth comes not at least from her impressive multilingual biography: she grew up in Germany, Morocco and France, followed by her first professional experiences in South America, Belgium and France.

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