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The Marketing Funnel has
become obsolete

Take the flywheel approach and grow your business better

When we think of the sales process no longer as a funnel, but as a cycle or flywheel in which we continually help customers go through repeatedly, we can see that satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals increase. It’s not only better for our customers, but it’s better for business.
The new approach means that in creating a strategy for revenue boosting tasks, we need to place an equal importance on our marketing, sales, and customer service activities.


Why Customer Service is now crucial

The sales funnel is no longer sufficient in describing the relationship of marketing and sales and customer service, and as more business move into being wholly customer-centric, the flywheel just makes sense. If you want to understand how to better understand the relationships between you and your customers, it’s important to imagine how to keep them moving through the cycle of attraction, acquisition, and service in order to retain their business and turn them into loyalists and promoters for life.



Our white paper, “Take the flywheel approach and grow your business better”, gives you key:

  • The 3 Flywheel components: Marketing, Sales and Services
  • Tools and implementation
  • Customer loyalty

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