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Are you looking at the German speaking market and don't know how to enter the market efficiently?

Enter the German Market 

The German speaking market (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is one of the most profitable markets in the world. Compared to the rest of Europe, this market offers highly professional companies and financially strong population. 

This market offers:

  • 100 Million German speaking potential customers
  • 100,000 small and medium sized companies
  • 25,000 enterprises with more than 1 Billion in revenue

To enter the German market you will need a strong regional expertise and deep insights in the mentality and the needs of the customers. This requires a strong partner with high motivation and experience in your industries.

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Content marketing essentials in Germany 

Did you know that German B2B buyers are more likely to be suspicious of your super-slick branding that works so well in the US, than they are to trust it? To succeed with content marketing and Inbound marketing in Germany, you need to understand what makes these guys tick, and how to adjust your strategy to meet their expectations. Learn how in our white paper. 

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Tactical approach of the German Market

Getting lead generation and nurturing right in Germany


Just because your lead generation and nurturing tactics work at home, it doesn’t mean they will in Germany.
Read our free white paper to learn about the “Dos and Don’ts” you need to know about, in order to build and convert your German new business pipeline.

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With Us - Your Market Entry runs like clock work 

We help to define the right strategy, and then design and distribute the right local-language content assets to attract and convince German B2B buyers about your products and services. Our agile and results-driven approach emphasizes continual performance optimization to meet your marketing and sales goals.

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The right strategy, the right content mix and the right assets, delivered at the right time, can convince prospects and convert them into customers – but only if these activities are tailored to the informational needs of German buyers.
NetPress is your partner to execute a strategy that generates leads from German B2B buyers effectively and efficiently.
Iain J. Buchan EMEA Enterprise Channel Development at MICRON
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