From lead to sale in Germany – how to maximise conversion

A “Dos and Don’ts” Guide for
Higher Conversion.

You think you know what lead generation and nurturing is all about, and you do – in your home market. But the chances are that the tactics you’re using in the US or the UK won’t work as well in Germany. In fact, they may not even work at all..

Know what to do, and what not to do

Did you know that you probably need to double the volume of content you produce, and go into a lot more detail, to satisfy German buyers? Or that the conversion process will take significantly longer than it does in the US, even if you do everything right from a content marketing perspective? What about the legal risks and threat to your conversion ratios that could result from employing a telesales team to follow up on actions initiated by prospects?


lead nurturing germanyThis white paper provides important key insights:
  • Into the right (and wrong) ways to go
  • About generating leads
  • And nurturing leads through the B2B buying process in Germany

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