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Business Solutions for industries

NP Business Solutions for industries

In recent years, NetPress has developed a variety of solutions that are specifically designed for specific industries. Industry-specific adaptations were created in HubSpot (professional views, field tables, pipelines, service routines), interfaces developed (shopware, EchoBot) and reference solutions prepared. 

Today we can draw on an extensive portfolio of solutions and use them optimally for new customer projects. The focus here is on rapid implementation, simple adaptations to customer requirements and efficient system operation as a result.

We also attach particular importance to high data security, compliance with all data protection guidelines and possible encryption requirements. 

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Testimonials on our industry solutions

Maik Langenberg

We use HubSpot in conjunction with WooCommerce, leveraging NP Business Solution's experience in e-commerce & retail industry solutions.

Maik Langenberg, Operations at Calligraphy Cut

Josef Nothegger

We use HubSpot for our restaurants in Austria and South Tyrol. The adaptations of NetPress in the context of the gastronomy & hotel industry industry solutions facilitate us the enterprise substantially.

Josef Nothegger, Managing Director at 362e Consulting KG

Finance & Insurance

Everything at a glance - optimized for customer service.
The requirements from the area of finance and insurance are optimally covered by the special adaptations in the HubSpot Hubs. Whether marketing, service or sales, all segments experience specific adaptations. In addition, all information can be stored and displayed in special views for the customer advisors.  

Encryption solutions such as Centraya can also be integrated to meet security and data protection requirements. Further solutions enable the storage of highly sensitive data in specially protected databases, data centers or with partners such as Wirecard or ePay.


Details of the financial and insurance solution
Finance & Insurance
Sonnbühel Architektur

Food & Hotel business

Full integration of all necessary functions.
We know exactly what the food and hotel industry need from a powerful solution. We have combined relevant functions in a comprehensive platform - with HubSpot as the central management system.

Bookings, evaluations, online sales, marketing, service and sales: everything is modular and can be activated at any time. Experience from decades of food and hotel business combined in one solution.

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Automotive & Machinery

Industry-specific content perfectly presented.
In this industry, requirements often lie in the area of expanding the customer base through digital transformation or digital marketing). To achieve this, the appearance content must be perfectly designed, personas must be optimally defined and the processes between the departments set up smoothly. Best Practice and Blue Prints allow a fast implementation and a sustainable operation.

We always have the right solution for you!

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Industry factory in kawasaki at night_klein

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Complex requirements efficiently realized.
The complexity of sales demands marketing in the use of marketing automation, lead generation and channel marketing. The NetPress industry solution combines many years of experience in marketing and sales with the expertise of numerous projects in the field of complex sales and marketing solutions.

The HubSpot instances are prefabricated and can easily be adapted to the requirements of the industry. Thus, efficient solutions can be implemented quickly and meet the requirements of the industry without restrictions.

Let us convince you and contact us today.

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E-Commerce & Retail 

Connecting online shops and retail platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Shopware with HubSpot is not always easy - but we have helped many of our customers integrate with their own native interfaces.

Customers can transfer the data bidirectionally, evaluate it professionally in HubSpot, develop optimal marketing campaigns and execute them in HubSpot. In this way, customers are continuously informed and sales inevitably increase.

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Calligraphy Cut

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