Content marketing essentials in Germany

Why a “textbook” approach to content
marketing doesn’t work in Germany.

When it comes to great content marketing, relevance for the target audience is everything. So, why do so many companies forget that when they enter a new market? All B2B buyers are not the same. Cultural differences matter. And before you execute your content marketing strategy in Germany, you need to understand how local target audiences think and what their preferences are, if you want to succeed.

Hard facts, and no soft options

In a nutshell, German B2B buyers tend to be conservative, risk averse and hungry for proof-points. But there are a lot of nuances to take into account too. They use some social media channels but avoid others. They prefer their content in certain formats. And there are particular marketing activities that they really, really hate. You need to know what all this means for your content marketing strategy. Otherwise, you can expect some very uncomfortable sales conversations, and a long struggle when it comes to lead generation.


content marketing essentialsOur white paper, “B2B Content Marketing Essentials for the German market”, gives you key:
  • Insight into what makes German B2B buyers tick
  • Their content preferences
  • How to adjust your content marketing strategy to convince them about your products and services

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