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Why enterprises should think about sales force automation

By Achim B. C. Karpf | Apr 10, 2019

Enterprises should use sales force automationIn 2019, it's almost guaranteed that every enterprise business uses a CRM solution. A CRM is great for storing all the data you need about your current customers and prospects, getting an overview of all your contacts, and having an easily accessible database for all customer-related data. But to get the full power of what that information can do for your enterprise business and actually work to help your lead nurturing and sales, you should consider also implementing a sales force automation (SFA) software.

SFA and CRM integration for marketing and sales alignment

While a CRM can work for marketing, sales, and customer service teams as needed, it doesn't typically have all of the automation capabilities for actually enhancing the marketing to sales alignment. This is where a SFA software can come in to fill gaps in helping along the processes for bringing marketing leads to sales to convert to paying customers.

With a SFA that integrates into your CRM, you can then make the data you have stored work for you. Instead of needing to manually identify hot leads and prioritize specific contacts for sales to follow up with, an SFA will equip your sales team with the right notifications, task tracking, and automated activities for lead nurturing that can ensure your sales are more effective.

The SFA will make the prospect information gathered by marketing and lead nurturing available to salespeople.

It helps shorten the sales cycle

Especially for enterprise businesses, the sales cycle can be extremely long. Often in B2B industries with large contracts, there is a high touch sales process that can take weeks to sometimes months. But with an SFA, you can ensure that the process is never stagnant or lagging, due to automations that keep it moving.

An SFA will work to organize opportunities, unlike the CRM which will mainly capture interactions and details. Through being able to manage the sales pipeline with sales force automation, you can essentially super charge some of the sales activities that are reliant on your CRM for information. When you can streamline your sales pipeline, you can save a lot of time that is typically used in internal communication, manual reporting, and manual follow up. With an SFA, these things can become automated, so that sales teams are only spending their time on the prospects that are best suited and identified through predetermined presets, have triggered an action or notification, or fit historical data for being sales-ready.

Sales Team Management

One major issue for some large companies is that there can be a disconnect between sales staff when going after leads - especially in commission-based payment structures. Things can become competitive in the sales team, but a SFA can help keep the team organized, accountable, and fair.

When tasks and specific contacts can be assigned to sales team members through the SFA, you ensure a few things: one, that there is no overlap of multiple sales reps contacting the same lead, potentially overwhelming them or making your company seem unprofessional. Second, that inversely, no contacts slip through the cracks because you don't have the proper alerts and reports set up. And third, that the right leads are prioritized, and everyone in your sales organization knows their responsibilities and to-dos, which are properly distributed. Without sales force automation, you could risk a lack of oversight that inhibits your sales team from being their most productive.

Luckily, HubSpot sales software offers an all-in-one approach to CRM, sales and marketing automations that maximize the efficacy of lead generation and nurturing, and contact data storage. Because you can find these solutions in one platform, marketing and sales alignment is simplified, and sales force automation can be done easily to optimize conversions, improve the sales cycle, and sales teams can be better managed.


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