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Turning Customers Into Promoters: Creating Growth Opportunities

By Achim B. C. Karpf | Aug 16, 2018

Turning customers into promotersThere are many reasons why marketing and sales are important for business, but it essentially all boils down to facilitating growth and securing revenue. We try to find new and strategic ways to capture the attention of our audiences, and show them how we can add value to their lives. When we succeed, and those audience members become our customers, it's important that we have products and services, and support systems in place, in order to make good on our promises. But we're also finding that there is another crucial element in this equation: when we really do add value to people's lives, we should give them all the resources in the world to be able to tell others about it.

Incorporating customer service for growth

Many may think of customer service as a simple part of keeping existing customers happy and satisfied after their purchase. Many approach customer service as a passive activity, rather than an active one. Perhaps you only engage in customer service activities when issues arise, or a customer reaches out with a problem or question. But when you incorporate regular customer engagement activities to ensure satisfaction and enthusiasm of your products and services, you can actually leverage positive customer sentiment to power your business.

With HubSpot's new Service Hub, and the cyclical or flywheel approach to marketing and sales it's now easier than ever. When you think of customer service as an extension of marketing and sales, it becomes easier to see the big picture of how you can re-engage customers in ways that can lead to future sales and repeat business. But what if you could even take that one step further? Not only can you secure customers for future purchases, but you can develop strategies to turn existing customers into promoters of your brand.

What brand evangelists can do for your business

Think about the last great product or service you tried. Did someone recommend it to you? As consumers, we tend to trust the testimony of our friends, family and colleagues more than any advertisement. Having word-of-mouth endorsements is worth more in marketing dollars than any of your other lead generation activities. That's why incorporating strategies for encouraging customers to becoming promoters can be crucial for the growth of your business.

The problem is, many companies don't know how to give customers the right tools, or are negligent when it comes to proactively making sure brand experience and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of their activities. By allocating resources into spending time ensuring your customers are having the best experience possible, you may find that the cost-per-acquisition for new customers may actually decrease.

How to turn customers into promoters

So how can you motivate customers to sing your praises to everyone they know? Give them something to talk about. Sure, having a great product is important. But if you can personalize their experience, follow up, show that you not only value their opinions and feelings, but need them, you are off to a good start.

Creating targeted email campaigns for existing customers is an easy first step to take, and can be automated quickly. HubSpot's Service Hub also includes tools for easy feedback and ensuring customers can find resources for trouble-shooting and helpful tips. These things are simple to implement, but show that you are thinking about what people's needs may be.

Then, think about how you can incorporate loyalty programs for securing repeat customers, showing you value them and their business. To turn loyalists into promotors, take it a step further: what kind of referral incentives can you initiate? If your customer recommends new customers, can you offer discounts, membership points, or rewards? What kind of community can you build for brand loyalists? When you appeal to specific audiences and types of customers, you'll find that they enjoy being a part of user groups, or online communities for sharing their experiences and learning from others.

When you provide great service in addition to a great product, and show your customers how much their business means to you, you can easily create a following of brand loyalists. But you need to set up the right activities, and take a proactive approach to ensuring a great experience for all. When you incorporate customer service into your marketing and sales strategy and see it as a crucial revenue securing activity, you'll find that brand promoters and word-of-mouth referrals will have an incredible return-on-investment that will significantly foster business growth.


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