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German Market Entry

We provide professional insights into the German and European market with information on legal and economic requirements and above all the marketing and sales approach to be successful in this fragmented but lucrative region.

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GDPR Is a Game Changer for Marketing in Europe

on Jan 17, 2018 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | Inbound Marketing, Sales, GDPR, Data
By now it's impossible that you haven't come across the acronym GDPR. These four letters have had European companies on high alert for some time now, but with the compliance deadline just over 4 months away, the pressure is on for businesses operating in the EU to truly understand the implications of this policy. But while some may approach the new regulations from the legal and technical standpoint, some of the greatest impacts are actually on marketing departments. Most importantly, the change in policy doesn't only affect European based companies, but actually any company that handles the private information of European citizens, playing a big factor for companies looking to establish new business in the region.
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5 Things to Know Before Contacting Your Lead

One of the best reasons inbound marketing is so successful in bringing in new customers, is because sales teams are only selling to those who are ready to be sold to. But that doesn't mean that sales staff still don't face one pesky problem: knowing what information to obtain about a lead before speaking with them. In order to close on a sale, prospects should feel that their experience is personalized, that you know something about them and their needs, and that you care enough to take the time to contact them on their own terms. In B2B SaaS industry in Germany especially, there are a few pieces of information you should find about your prospect before getting in touch.
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5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off Working with a HubSpot Agency

  Anyone who works with the HubSpot marketing automation software benefits from a multi-talented tool for inbound marketing. However, the variety and the wide range of functions also require a great deal of effort to familiarize yourself with this powerful tool. Whether it is more profitable to take care of everything yourself or to entrust a HubSpot agency with your HubSpot management is shown in this article.
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Six Key “Do’s & Don’ts” for the German Market

The ultimate objective of any B2B content marketing strategy is to generate leads and nurture them towards a sale – but to do so in a smart, targeted way. How? By creating content assets that attract target audiences by being highly relevant and actionable, and distributing them through exactly the right channels at exactly the right time. It’s the antithesis of the old school outbound approach to marketing that broadcasts generalised, ‘brand-building’ content indiscriminately through multiple channels in the hope that buyers will notice. Because of their preference for very specific, high quality content, German B2B buyers are, in many ways, the perfect audience for this kind of modern content marketing approach. However, their distinct character is also the source of many potential pitfalls that organisations planning a German market launch need to avoid, in order to generate leads quickly and efficiently and convert them into revenue. NetPress GmbH has identified six of the most important “Dos and Don’ts”
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