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German Market Entry

We provide professional insights into the German and European market with information on legal and economic requirements and above all the marketing and sales approach to be successful in this fragmented but lucrative region.

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7 essential CRM features enterprise businesses should look for

on Feb 20, 2019 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | HubSpot, CRM, Enterprise
When enterprise businesses are looking to invest in tools and software that will streamline their business and ensure effective marketing, sales, and customer service, they need to start with the basics. Most companies begin using CRMs fairly early in their growth journeys but need change as they hire staff and acquire more customers. Since most software isn't always optimized when it comes to the needs of large companies, we've rounded up the top 7 features for a CRM that enterprise businesses should look for in order to run effectively.
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Why large companies should consider hiring specialized consultants (in addition to their in-house team)

When companies reach a certain size, with increasing revenue and more customers, they begin to take marketing efforts in-house. As more resources are allocated for marketing employee salaries and building out a marketing department, companies depart from using consultants to assist in these efforts. The idea is that having a fully internal department will create consistency and efficiency, but there may be a few reasons why enterprises should continue to hold a budget for consultants.
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Are enterprise businesses really improving productivity by using 91 marketing tools?

Oftentimes, the larger a company gets, the more money they have to invest in tools and technology. This often means not only better software solutions for things like CRM, marketing, sales enablement, productivity, and administrative tasks, but it typically means more tools being used. In fact, estimates show that the average American enterprise business uses 91 marketing cloud services in their business!* But with using so many different solutions for each little task, are enterprise businesses really improving their productivity - or are the software solutions becoming a problem themselves?
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With The Enterprise Growth Suite, HubSpot Is Now Reaching Bigger Companies

HubSpot has recently released its Enterprise Growth Suite for larger businesses looking to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer services efforts to facilitate growth. It gets us thinking about what it is that makes enterprise business, and marketing for them - and to them - different.
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