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German Market Entry

We provide professional insights into the German and European market with information on legal and economic requirements and above all the marketing and sales approach to be successful in this fragmented but lucrative region.

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NetPress joins forces with Avidly - the leading HubSpot partner worldwide

on Sep 09, 2019 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | HubSpot, CRM, SFA, Diamond Partner, Avidly
          Munich, August 28, 2019 - The German HubSpot Diamond partner NetPress GmbH, known under the brand name NP Business Solutions, is joining forces with Avidly, the leading HubSpot Diamond partner worldwide. This will give NetPress a strong foothold in the growing international market and enable it to better serve customers in German-speaking countries.
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Why enterprises should think about sales force automation

on Apr 10, 2019 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | Lead Nurturing, HubSpot, CRM, SFA
In 2019, it's almost guaranteed that every enterprise business uses a CRM solution. A CRM is great for storing all the data you need about your current customers and prospects, getting an overview of all your contacts, and having an easily accessible database for all customer-related data. But to get the full power of what that information can do for your enterprise business and actually work to help your lead nurturing and sales, you should consider also implementing a sales force automation (SFA) software.
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Why document management should be part of your CRM today

on Mar 06, 2019 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | HubSpot, CRM, DMS
When it comes to the tools that enterprise businesses are using, sometimes there are extra features or capabilities that are quite simply necessary for larger companies to run efficiently and effectively. In the case of CRMs, enterprise businesses should be looking for document management as a functionality, in order to properly handle unstructured data.
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7 essential CRM features enterprise businesses should look for

on Feb 20, 2019 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | HubSpot, CRM, Enterprise
When enterprise businesses are looking to invest in tools and software that will streamline their business and ensure effective marketing, sales, and customer service, they need to start with the basics. Most companies begin using CRMs fairly early in their growth journeys but need change as they hire staff and acquire more customers. Since most software isn't always optimized when it comes to the needs of large companies, we've rounded up the top 7 features for a CRM that enterprise businesses should look for in order to run effectively.
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