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The Advantage Of Integrating HubSpot With Your Existing Software

By Achim B. C. Karpf | Dec 11, 2018

Integrating HubSpot with your existing softwareWhen implementing new software, there can be some hesitation from companies who are set in their ways with the technology they are already using and may be wary of introducing a platform that could interrupt or change existing systems. Or, some companies may fear that connecting everything together is difficult, and onboarding is a long a laborious task. But HubSpot offers many seamless integrations in popular productivity tools and platforms that can lead to countless advantages of using their suite of products.

HubSpot Connect

HubSpot Connect is HubSpot's integration program, making it easy to connect the HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales, and service tools to your existing CMS, email host, and other SaaS platforms you may be using.

HubSpot Connect comes with a core set of integrations, that are implemented using the API and Zapier. With HubSpot Connect, you can now import important data from each of your tools to help you run marketing, sales, and customer service more efficiently.

Getting more out of your tools with HubSpot

Connect allows you to capture better insights about your site visitors and leads, adding additional non site-specific data to your prospect and customer profiles in your HubSpot dashboard. By collecting all types of interactions and engagements into one place, it means that not only can you get more out of your software for marketing, sales, and customer service, but that your other software has added benefits.

Think of HubSpot as being the go-to place where you can import and streamline all your data to one place, rather than using manual methods to understand where your contacts are in their buyer's journey, and what kinds of interactions they've had with your business through multiple different means. By being able to control your master data, you'll save valuable time, and never miss an opportunity to understand each of your leads and customers.

Some of our top uses for HubSpot Connect include:

  1. Collaboration (Slack / Drift) - with the increasing need for conversational marketing (LINK) and demand for businesses to be available to customers via chat functions, it makes sense that HubSpot has great integrations for collaboration and messaging tools. With HubSpot Connect, you can ensure your conversations are logged into your CRM and included in important data points for having a clear picture of your prospects such as when they were last engaged.
  2. eCommerce (Shopify / Magento / Shopware) - With e-commerce integrations, HubSpot can help you to follow up with prospective buyers more easily. Track and manage shopping cart abandonment and follow up with leads through targeted ads and email marketing. HubSpot's new Service Hub can also help you implement and manage customer loyalty programs like never before, boosting your e-commerce business' customer experience.
  3. Events (GoToWebinar / Eventbrite) - Events are a great way to engage customers and potential customers, and generate leads. HubSpot Connect's integrations with online and offline event hosts allows you to manage participants and easily include them in follow up marketing efforts such as invites for future events, newsletters, and other forms of email marketing.

Developing your own integration (via HubSpot API)

Perhaps your company has developed your own software that you use with customers, or helps the productivity of your business. HubSpot API also allows you to integrate HubSpot software with any platform or tool that you may have built to be customized to your needs.

While HubSpot Connect has more than 200 core integrations already available, creating a customized integration can give you Inbound Marketing capabilities across all that you do. By extending the performance of your custom built software to allow you to understand and engage with leads in a better way, your business can then super-charge your marketing and sales activities.

NetPress has created our own software platform called Eagle Eye that helps empower our customers. Built on powerful filtering and search algorithms, Eagle Eye is a web-based, central content hub for inbound and content marketing. Through HubSpot API, Eagle Eye can then be added as a part of the total Inbound suite, ensuring that content discovery and curation is seamlessly integrated into other content sharing, social media, and promotional activities.

HubSpot Connect is a powerful tool for companies already using different softwares to enhance their productivity and customer prospecting and engagement. Through integrating your existing tools with HubSpot's marketing, sales and service platforms, you can now have access to more streamlined data that can help you generate and nurture leads better than before. While you may be hesitant about implementing something new, this is the bottom line: HubSpot can help you to manage all your existing software in a way that makes your marketing and sales more effective.


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Autor: Achim B. C. Karpf

As owner and general manager he is using his marketing expertise and know how he provides deep insights in all areas of content and inbound marketing as well as business development and lead generation. Like this he can cover the needs of the customer and generates professional solutions to guarantee the satisfaction of all involved parties.