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German Market Entry

We provide professional insights into the German and European market with information on legal and economic requirements and above all the marketing and sales approach to be successful in this fragmented but lucrative region.

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The Advantage Of Integrating HubSpot With Your Existing Software

When implementing new software, there can be some hesitation from companies who are set in their ways with the technology they are already using and may be wary of introducing a platform that could interrupt or change existing systems. Or, some companies may fear that connecting everything together is difficult, and onboarding is a long a laborious task. But HubSpot offers many seamless integrations in popular productivity tools and platforms that can lead to countless advantages of using their suite of products.
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How SaaS Companies Can Use Black Friday Promotion For Customer Retention

Black Friday may seem like a marketing and advertising ploy for B2C companies looking to hook new customers. But over the years we've seen more and more companies playing it smart in using this spend-happy time of year to not only boost new sales but to hone in on customer retention as well. If your current strategy focuses more on pleasing your existing customers, you can - and should - still be getting in on what this promotional period has to offer.
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Why Generating Leads Shouldn't Be Your Sole Goal

When most companies approach marketing and sales, traditionally the strategy has been to cast a wide net, and see what comes in. We now know how inefficient and ineffective this is, and so prospecting and lead generation has become much more targeted and specialized. But with so much focus on generating leads and identifying which ones are highly qualified, are brands still missing good opportunities for conversions and sales? It's time to share some of our focus with not just customer acquisition, but customer retention too.
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How to Motivate Happy Customers to Become Active Promoters and Send Referrals

When we talk about the sales and marketing flywheel, the important third component is service. And the concept of customer service and what makes it great are different today than they ever have been. That's because consumers are gaining purchasing power, and providing them with a good experience can make or break whether they stay our customers.
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How Conversational Marketing Is Changing The Game Of Lead And Customer Relationship

While Inbound Marketing has long focused on the importance of opening a dialogue with potential customers and making communication one-sided, we're now entering the age of Inbound 2.0. With new strategies for engaging leads and customers, marketers and sales professionals are looking to tools that can truly allow for one-on-one communication for what is now being called conversational marketing. But what really is conversational marketing, and why should you consider utilizing it for your own business?
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How Autodesk Generated More Leads In A Competitive Market

on Sep 12, 2018 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | Lead Generation, Case study
Being a leading software platform for 3D design, construction, and entertainment, German company Autodesk needed to further position itself in the construction industry as a top tier specialist. Established in 1982, Autodesk has made more than 30 years of contributions towards data analysis and solutions in the construction industry.
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Turning Customers Into Promoters: Creating Growth Opportunities

on Aug 16, 2018 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | HubSpot, Sales, Service Hub
There are many reasons why marketing and sales are important for business, but it essentially all boils down to facilitating growth and securing revenue. We try to find new and strategic ways to capture the attention of our audiences, and show them how we can add value to their lives. When we succeed, and those audience members become our customers, it's important that we have products and services, and support systems in place, in order to make good on our promises. But we're also finding that there is another crucial element in this equation: when we really do add value to people's lives, we should give them all the resources in the world to be able to tell others about it.
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Thinking About Marketing And Sales As a Cycle

on Aug 06, 2018 | By Achim B. C. Karpf | Marketing, Sales, Service Hub
In traditional marketing and sales, we've always talked about the "funnel." We capture attention at the top of the funnel through the attract phase, and strategically move potential customers through the buyer's journey of consideration until they reach the bottom of the funnel, where they make a decision to purchase and become a customer. It's an industry staple that is taught over and over, but as we gain more access to data and real customer insights, we've learned something crucial: repeat customers are some of the most valuable people we could ever interact with. This is why we need to change our thinking from the marketing and sales funnel, and think of it as the marketing and sales cycle.
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Lead Nurturing Is Essential for Successful Sales

A lot of companies spend loads of time on attraction and lead generation activities such as social media, SEO, paid advertising, and content creation, but spend a lot less energy on figuring out how to move prospects through to sales. Without any focus on lead nurturing, it can be difficult to actually identify qualified leads, making sales still have inefficient processes for closing deals. So how can you identify how to best secure these qualified leads? Let's take a look.
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