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5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off Working with a HubSpot Agency

By Achim B. C. Karpf | Sep 26, 2017

working with a HubSpot agency


Anyone who works with the HubSpot marketing automation software benefits from a multi-talented tool for inbound marketing. However, the variety and the wide range of functions also require a great deal of effort to familiarize yourself with this powerful tool. Whether it is more profitable to take care of everything yourself or to entrust a HubSpot agency with your HubSpot management is shown in this article.

HubSpot is a content strategy tool. It supports the process of generating content as well as evaluating and publishing it – with great results.

The story behind it: HubSpot founder Brian Halligan invented inbound marketing simultaneously with the content software. He had observed that customers had emancipated from shallow advertisements and no longer believed them. They proactively and independently informed themselves about products and services on the internet.

Therefore, a new marketing methodology had to be developed that perfectly matched the informational needs of potential customers. They should be attracted rather than spammed with advertising messages. Thus, inbound marketing was born.

One tool for all inbound tasks

However, there was no tool that could handle all the necessary workflows, such as optimizing websites, publishing blog posts, creating calls to action and performing lead nurturing. Thus, an "all-inclusive inbound marketing machine" was missing. Halligan therefore developed his own tool and called it HubSpot.

Both companies and agencies can purchase licenses for HubSpot that are designed for a certain part of the software. For agencies, it is also possible to partner with HubSpot. Agencies do not only use the software for themselves but also for their customers. In addition, they advise their clients on the use of HubSpot.

What HubSpot can do

To introduce the whole software suite would go way beyond this blog post. However, new functions are planned for 2017. A particularly convenient function for finding relevant keywords is to organize topics in a mind map in the cluster.

HubSpot graphically displays an overview of the relevance, popularity and the competitive factor for each keyword. Just enter the main keyword and the subtopics. Afterwards, HubSpot immediately generates all the important data for decision-making.

HubSpot Collect helps to organize ideas from the Internet and use them for research later. They are archived in a structured way and the whole team can access them. The new graphical user interface for displaying workflows is also particularly clear.

With HubSpot Ads, Facebook ads can be automatically placed. The names and faces of the users are displayed with the corresponding conversion level. In addition, an integration of LinkedIn Sales is planned for 2017.

This is merely a small selection of all the expansions planned for this year. Yet, they show how much work HubSpot can save your company in content marketing.

If you want learn more about HubSpot, please just make an appointment for a demo date with us.

Five reasons for cooperation with a HubSpot agency

We would not be a HubSpot partner agency if we didn't want to try to convince you of the benefits of working with us. Here are five reasons why you should:

1. We can start right away: certifications and know-how are already available

An agency must complete a specific certification. It shows that the agency understands its role as a HubSpot partner and has internalized inbound marketing. Additional certifications also confirm that there is an excellent knowledge of how to use the software.
 The Inbound Certification, the HubSpot Software Certification and the Design Certification each relate to a specific area and are achieved by individual employees of the agency. After 13 months, the certifications must be refreshed. This ensures that the agency is always up to date.

 Your advantage: You don't have to familiarize yourself with the extensive tool and can instead concentrate on your strategy and core business.


 2. The programmer is only one desk away

With HubSpot, you can easily create your own websites and blogs yourself. However, despite the practical tool, something can go wrong. You may also have certain ideas that are not mapped in the templates, and you need to make CSS changes. At this point, you won't get any further without a programmer.

 Your advantage: If you work with a HubSpot agency from the start, a programmer is always available for advice and action.


 3. Consulting and support on site has its advantages

Even though inbound marketing takes place online and digitally for the most part, it sometimes makes sense to discuss questions in person. The HubSpot agency in your area is certainly easier to visit than the European head office in Dublin or the headquarters in Cambridge. Another aspect to be considered: Although most professionals now speak English, an exchange in your native language is often easier.

Your advantage: With a HubSpot agency in Germany you can achieve better results and develop new content strategies.


 4. You are booking a complete package - creation and implementation included

 If you are working with a HubSpot agency, you are buying more than just the software. You also purchase the strategy, the content creation, the graphics and the distribution of the content via social media – an all-inclusive package.

Your advantage: You can sit back and relax while your content conquers the world and your potential customers.


5. The agency will test beta versions and updates for you

 As a HubSpot agency, we are basically the guinea pig for you. This way, we can inform you about the latest features and functions of the software at a very early stage and give you valuable tips on how to use it.

 Your advantage: You are always up to date without much effort and can deal directly with the implementation and use of the new functions.



Whether you want to entrust HubSpot management directly to us or just want to make use of our consulting services – we are the right HubSpot agency for you. We support you starting with the content strategy, through the inbound marketing concept to the implementation of all workflows. Talk to us about it. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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