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NetPress wins 2015 Online Communication Award for Dell “Tough Enough” Campaign

Despite stiff competition from the likes of Adidas and Sky, NetPress won the German Online Campaign of the Year in 2015, as well as a Silver Lion Award at the 2015 Cannes Lion festival, for its work on the Dell ‘Tough Enough’ campaign. Collaborating closely with Mediacom, NetPress experts were responsible for managing the campaign website on Tumblr, ad development and social media communications via Facebook and Twitter. The campaign ran from September 2014 until January 2015.

Gewinner Deutsche Preis für Online Kommunikation 2015Award NetPress Cannes Lions

Are you tough enough for DAU?

The idea behind the ‘tough enough’ campaign involved creating a platform on which IT departments could share their best DAU (Dumbest Available User) stories. Participants could post comments, Gifs or memes to illustrate their funniest and craziest anecdotes – anonymously of course! Over the course of three months, a jury selected one winner per week, rewarding them with an Alienware gamer notebook. And at the end of each month, a monthly winner was selected and sent a fridge full of goodies for his or her entire department.

This innovative campaign also won NetPress two additional awards at the last “Festival of Media” in the “Best Community Development” and “Best Targeting Campaign” categories. 


NetPress wins 2015 Online Communication Award for Dell “Tough Enough” Campaign