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Market Entry Strategy for Germany and Europe

germany-1177268_1280.jpgGood B2B content marketing is characterized by a high level of relevance for the intended audience. Many organisations already know this and use it as the cornerstone of a successful content marketing strategy. However, many of them also forget all about this core principle when they enter in a new market. “If it works here, it will work there,” is the assumption. Unfortunately, it’s an assumption that can prove to be expensive when scarce marketing dollars are spent on content that will never be accepted by a foreign audience.

This is especially true for US or UK companies looking to build awareness and generate leads in Germany. Why? Because there are fundamental differences between German and US/UK B2B buyers in terms of online behaviour, content consumption habits, the customer journey, and attitudes towards a range of issues.

The harsh reality is this: Simply replicating a US or UK-oriented content marketing strategy in Germany, even in the local language, is extremely unlikely to succeed. HENCE we suggest you use the knowledge of a local based content specialist to benefit from efficient and customer-oriented communication for a successful market entry.